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About Our Founder

Christy Keating

My name is
Christy Keating (SHE/HER)

And I'm on a mission to help parents build a happier, healthier, more heartful world one kiddo at a time.

How do I do that?  Why, with my unique blend of experience and expertise of course!

I'm a coach.

I’m a Certified Parent Coach and Positive Discipline Educator, and I can help you rock your parenting from toddlers to teens.

Whether you are battling tantrums or teen angst or anything in between, I can help you dream big for your family, find new ways to connect with your kids, and build intentionality and confidence into your parenting each and every day.

We can explore how you are taking care of yourself, your relationship with your co-parent (if you have one), effective discipline techniques, managing technology in a heartful way, ways to build FUN into your family, and so, so much more!

I approach every client without judgment knowing that we are all doing the best that we can, and I wholeheartedly believe that no parent should be without heartful support, whether it’s individualized coaching or through my one-of-a-kind membership, The Heartful Parent Academy.

I'm a lawyer.

I’m also a badass lawyer and spent nearly 20 years as a criminal prosecutor in one of the largest prosecutor’s offices in the country.

I handled everything from petty thefts to first-degree murder, eventually developing an expertise in the prosecution of sexually violent predators.  I read their histories and spoke with them one-on-one, gaining a unique perspective into what makes an offender tick and the tactics they frequently use to target victims.

Armed with this information, I now empower parents and professionals to teach kids about sex and talk to them about safety in an effective and actionable way without scare tactics or graphic conversations. I coach parents to recognize red flag behaviors and warning signs in adults and children, integrate safety lessons into their family discussions, implement safety strategies at home, and teach their children and teens the meaning of consent and how to get/give it.

I'm a mom.

Most importantly, I’m a pretty awesome mom myself to two daughters who keep me (mostly) young and challenge me daily.

Parenthood has not been the easiest journey for me, but in the end, it has been the most rewarding.  Together with my husband of sixteen years, we work hard every day to build a family characterized by love and connection.  We don’t always get it right–I make mistakes too–but so far my teenage daughter still thinks I’m pretty cool, and my little one still thinks I’m magical. If only they both knew….

Interested in talking about how I might best support you?

Schedule a free consultation today.

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You are exceptional at what you do. I always go away from a call or class with valuable suggestions or tips on how to handle a situation in our home.

Kathy K.

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The “Official” Resume

  • Founder and CEO, The Heartful Parent Collective
  • PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Masters-Level Certification from The Parent Coach Institute, credentialed through Seattle Pacific University
  • Certified RETAIN Parental Leave Coach, The Center for Parental Leave Leadership
  • Trained Facilitator, The Fair Play Method by Eve Rodsky
  • Certified Educator, The Gottman Institute
  • Certified Positive Discipline Educator, The Positive Discipline Association
  • Certified Educator, Keeping the Joy in Relationships, The Positive Discipline Association
  • Certified Educator, Empowering People in the Workplace, The Positive Discipline Association
  • Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, King County Prosecutor’s Office (2001-2018)
  • Membership Chair, National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  • Member, Sex Education Alliance
  • Certified Facilitator, TechniCOOL: Keeping Kids Safe On The Internet©, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont
  • Completion of Professionals Intensive for Hand in Hand Parenting
  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, The Colorado College
  • Juris Doctor, University of Colorado School of Law
  • Member in Good Standing, Washington State Bar Association
Christy Keating

The “Fun” Resume

  • I’m lucky to be married to a guy who is much nicer than me and is the action taker for all my out-there ideas
  • I’m a pretty fantastic bedtime snuggler and wiper of tears, and bake a mean chocolate chip cookie
  • I’m not afraid to “untether” from parenting now and then and enjoy re-discovering who I am!
  • My husband and I are camping enthusiasts and recently made the leap from tent camping to a large teardrop camper—I may be too old for sleeping on the ground anymore
  • My past jobs include camp counselor, convenience store clerk, waitress/bartender, nanny, and sea kayaking guide
  • I’ve been a competitive swimmer, a river kayaker, and a triathlete and though I’m much lazier now, I’m currently obsessed with my Peloton … follow me on the leaderboard! #EarnItSeattle
  • Thanks to regular check-ups and early detection, I’m a cancer survivor!
  • I’m a (very) amateur mixed-media and acrylic artist (aka Mess Maker Extraordinaire)
  • I’m a Colorado girl at heart, but Washington is my adopted and beloved home
  • My favorite place to travel is eastern Africa; my husband and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on our honeymoon
  • I’ve been in a book club with the same six friends for 21 years and counting
  • I come from a long line of amazing women who are sassy, classy, and a bit smart-assy
  • I have a bit of a penchant for profanity (it means I’m smart, right?), but I generally keep it in check professionally
  • I am shameless about the love I have for the animals in my life…three dogs, two cats, and counting!
  • And above all, I believe in the power of a good book, a good laugh, a good friend, and a good hug
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About our logo.

The ensō is a sacred symbol that means circle, or circle of togetherness. Created in one fluid brush stroke, it is also called the Circle of Enlightenment.

When left incomplete, as ours is, it symbolizes an ongoing journey, the beauty of imperfection, the art of letting go of expectations, the circle of life, wholeness, and connection.  Its creation is considered a meditative practice requiring the acceptance of our innermost selves.  It also represents strength, one-mindedness, the spirit of harmonious cooperation, as well as simplicity and perfect harmony.

Some believe it represents the oneness of life and all things contained within, and so at the center of our ensō, we have placed a heart, to represent the idea that heart should always be at the center of our ongoing and imperfect parenting journey.