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For coaching with parents or co-parents, there are several different coaching options that can provide you the support you need

Whether it’s a one-time session or ongoing, sustained support, all my packages are designed to help parents create transformative and sustainable change in their families.

To accomplish that, we work collaboratively to build a deeper understanding and appreciation for what is—and is not—working in your family system, visualize a clear picture of your ideal future for both self and family, and then work to design specific action steps to help you achieve your dream.

Trusting that you are the expert on your family, I guide and support you in fostering a deeper connection among family members, building increased confidence in parenting decisions, and cultivating more peace and calmness at home.

I do this using living systems theory, appreciative inquiry™, positive discipline principles, brain-compatible parenting™, and tools from a spectrum of parenting philosophies to generate energy, intention, and solutions.

Transformation Packages

The biggest, most heartful changes grow out of consistent support and dedicated effort. 

My transformation packages are designed for just that.  Spanning the course of 12-weeks, these packages, which are my most popular, provide for the deepest work and allow us time to address nearly all the challenges you are facing as a parent.

Over the course of three to four months, we work together to help you find more love, joy, and connection on your parenting journey, and to create an enriching environment for the optimal growth and development of children and parents alike.  My signature process combines coaching with education, support with accountability, and solutions with perspective shifts.

Investment $200 per session

Please schedule a complementary discovery call to see if we're a good fit!

Note: Membership in the Heartful Parent Academy is required for coaching clients. Transformation clients receive their first three months for FREE. 

Clarity Package

For those parents struggling with one or two parenting issues only. 

My clarity package allows us to work together over approximately two months, as we evaluate and clarify the reasons for the challenge or misbehavior, and explore solutions designed to optimize the parent-child dynamic.

In a more concentrated, limited manner than my Transformation Packages, we will explore what is and is not working, visualize a clear picture of your ideal result, and then work backward from that ideal to design specific action steps that will set you on the path of achieving your desired outcome.

Investment $200 per session

Please schedule a complementary discovery call to determine the best option for you!


Note: Membership in the Heartful Parent Academy is required for coaching clients. Clarity clients receive their first month for FREE. 

Heartful Parent, Empowered Teen

Struggling with your tween or teen? 

Missing the days where you felt more connected, calmer, and enjoyed parenting more?  To provide families just like yours the support you need, I have teamed up with Certified Coach Sherra Grasser of MePowerment to provide support to you and your teen simultaneously!

Over the course of four-five months, I will work with you as parent/guardian to address challenges from the top down, as we explore and discover ways to build—or rebuild—a more heartful center for your family. 

During that time, Sherra will work directly with your tween or teen providing them support, feedback, exploratory activities, and more as they address family challenges from the bottom up.  At regular intervals over the course of our work together, we will all come together collectively to help keep communication open and goals clear.  

This unique offering is designed to build a deeper understanding, create a sustainable connection, and foster more loving, heartful communication.

Investment $300-$330 per week

Individualized options range between $300 and $330/week. 

Sherra Grasser headshot

Featured Partner

Sherra Grasser
Founder & Director of MePowerment.org, Certified Life Coach, Facilitator, & Speaker

MePowerment is dedicated to arming, empowering, and celebrating our youth through discovery, sharing and nurturing of their inherent gifts.

Speedy-Reedy Short Session

Simply want some quick advice, input, perspective, or ideas? 

Book a quick consultation with me to discuss.  We’ll spend a few minutes laying the groundwork and will then dive into whatever challenge is facing you.  You’ll walk away with at least one idea of how to move forward.

Parent sessions are 30 minutes in duration and cost $100.  Book your session here.

Strategy Sessions

Are you struggling with a parenting issue and need some immediate help or advice? 

An outside perspective can be incredibly helpful in assessing a situation, coming up with creative solutions, and helping you connect better with your kids.

Strategy sessions are education/consultation-based; I will gather as much information as possible in order to sort through what is going on and discover potential causes.  You will walk away with at least 2-3 concrete strategies to address the situation, a written summary of our discussion, and several recommended resources.  I will also record our session and provide you with a private link for later viewing and reviewing.

Investment $350

Parent sessions are 80 minutes in duration and cost $350.  Book your session here.

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Family coaching with Christy was a game-changer for our family. My partner and I are on the same page, empowered and connected with a level of respect for and from our kids that we had dreamed of. Her real-life examples and custom focus tailored to our family in her appreciation of a "one size fits no family" approach is refreshing.

Ali S.