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At the Collective, We Educate to Elevate.

Grounded in our values of curiosity and growth we know that the only way to elevate our parenting individually and community-wide is through education. Organizations who work with and support parents can be immensely impactful when they provide much-needed, and oft-wished-for parenting support and information. If you are looking for engaging, research-based, and empowering workshops and classes, you’re in the right place!

Heartful Parenting Workshops

Looking for your next speaker for your group?  With decades of public speaking experience under my belt, I love sharing new ideas with my audiences.  My workshops are engaging, relevant, and designed to build awareness and empower parents.  No matter the subject, attendees walk away with actionable information they can put into practice immediately.

Prices are as low as $500 up to $7500 and are based on a variety of factors; public school rates are on a sliding scale based on free and reduced lunch percentages.  Please contact me to discuss your organization’s needs and how I might support your mission!

Need a reduced fee class? Let’s talk. I provide several reduced fee classes each year – schedule a time to chat below!

My most popular workshops are below, but if you have a need, please reach out—let’s see how I can support you!

(For topics related to sex, safety, abuse prevention, and consent, please click here.)

A Solution for (Almost) Every Struggle

Parenting Outside the B.O.C.S.

When our children are upset, dysregulated, or misbehaving, parents often struggle with knowing how to react. Ignore?  Punish?  Empathize?  Learn four simple steps that will take the guesswork out of these challenging situations.  You’ll learn how to respond rather than react, how to invite your children into your calm rather than join their chaos, and how to effectively problem-solve with them, using solutions that help everyone thrive.

Emotion Coaching

The Heart of Parenting

Do you struggle to manage your child’s emotions, instead of looking for ways to Just. Make. Them. Stop.?  We’ve all been there…a child’s big feelings can turn into big frustration for parents, leaving us feeling like we have no good strategy for managing their meltdowns.  With a few simple skills, however, you can go from shutting them down to lifting them up. Using strategies developed by The Gottman Institute, parents learn how to go from a disapproving or dismissing style of emotional parenting to being an effective emotion coach, learning to both validate feelings and manage behavior.

Weathering Change Well

Tools for Managing Transitions and Uncertainty

Life is full of uncertainty and change, and that can feel overwhelming for kids and teens, and cause stress and anxiety.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify unexpected sources of stress for our kids in this so-called “post-Covid” world, what’s happening with our children’s brains when they become dysregulated, the “to-dos” and “not-to-dos” of engaging kids in difficult conversations, and specific strategies for managing both parental and child/teen stress with a focus on self-care for all.

The Five Heartful Habits

 Of a Happy Relationship

Relationships take work, but they don’t need to be a struggle.  There are simple, easy-to-implement habits that can make a world of difference in your daily life with your partner.  Drawing on research from The Gottman Institute, principles of positive discipline, and my own personal experience, I share thought-provoking ideas and concrete steps for moving forward in a loving and connected way with your partner, whether you have been together 5 months, 5 years, or 5 decades.

Unexpected Gifts

What Failure Can Do For Our Children

We live in a culture obsessed with success—parenting and success have practically become a competitive sport.  But is that serving our children?  How can we reframe failure for ourselves and our children so that they can move and find their own version of success—whatever that might mean to them?  In this workshop, you’ll learn the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how to foster growth, how not to reinforce maladaptive reactions to failure, and why it’s important for parents to stop doing things for children that they can do for themselves.

Dinner Time! Ending Mealtime Battles

And Building Healthy Eating Habits

“You just have to try it!”  “Take one more bite!”  “You have to finish your plate before you can have dessert.”  Any of these sound familiar?  Statements like these happen at dinner tables all over the world every night as parents cajole their children to eat, but are they teaching children to be adventurous eaters who know how much their bodies need to grow healthy and strong?  What difference would it make in your families if mealtimes were calm and connecting and the battles over food ended?  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to end struggles over food, help your children develop a healthy relationship with food, and make mealtimes fun!

From Good to Great

The Power of Family Meetings and a Family Mission Statement

Most companies decide upon a mission and strive to foster common values as they pursue it.  Why don’t most families do the same?  A family mission statement can be transformative.  With that in mind, learn how a common vision and shared values can help build a cohesive family culture; how a mission statement can create a sense of belonging and significance for all members of a family and why that matters; and how family meetings can be instrumental in building respect, teaching collaborative problem-solving, fostering core values, and furthering the joint mission.  You’ll leave feeling inspired to invest the energy needed to take your family unit from good to great.

Screen Savvy

Developing a Healthy Family Media Culture

Parents regularly lament the hold that screens have taken on them and their children; they see the impact screens have had on connectedness and behavior but feel powerless to do anything about it.  Want a do-over or reset when it comes to your family media culture? Learn how to effectively establish and enforce screen time limits and uses with our children and teens, gain an understanding of the critical safety conversations parents need to be having with their children, options for monitoring duration and content, and specific suggestions for embracing the wonders of the internet while preserving core family connection and face-to-face interactions.

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Christy facilitated a parenting workshop for our secondary families to help with the transition back to school in person. She was amazing to work with throughout the process. She was flexible, supportive, resourceful, knowledgeable and professional. The information she provided our families was beneficial not only in supporting our kids but also as adults navigating transitions through the pandemic. It was great to see how her content aligned with the social and emotional content our kids learn at school."

Devyna Aguon-Mang

Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator, Renton Public Schools

Heartful Parenting Classes

Parenting with Positive Discipline

Every child is unique in their own awesome—and sometimes challenging—ways. 

How we respond to those gifts and challenges, however, can impact our connection with them, their ability to manage themselves and their emotions, and how much joy we get out of parenting.  Positive Discipline offers an approach to parenting that is grounded in both science and love.

Are you looking for a more heartful connection with your kids?  Do you wish your family felt more love, joy, and connection on a daily basis?  Do you wish parenting felt more fun?  Are challenges with sibling fights, power struggles, whining, bedtime routines, homework and screen time problems and other issues interfering with that?

This course is for parents who are looking for long-term tools that will encourage their children to develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. Through these skills, parents will help children develop feelings of competence, confidence, and capability. Positive Discipline techniques are respectful and non-punitive and are based on both common sense and research. They help parents strike an important balance between being kind and firm. These tools will help parents get to the core of their child’s misbehavior while bringing more peace and joy into the home.

This interactive class is best for parents of children ages 4 to 15. 

Classes take place virtually and in person. 

Investment: $175- $300

Fees for this six-week course are $175 for one parent/caregiver; $300 for two.  Fees include materials and the book “Positive Discipline” by Jane Nelson Ed.D.  Couples will receive one copy of the materials.

Keeping the Joy in Relationships

Partnering is hard.

Too often, the small kindnesses that are present when a couple first gets together fade over time, leaving challenges and communication differences to contend with.  Based on the principles of Positive Discipline, this class offers an approach to partnering and relationships that is both simple to implement and transformational in its impact.

Are you frustrated with a decline in communication with your partner?

Do you wish you could get some of the giddy joy you felt when you first met back? 

How would it change things if you felt appreciated?  

Is the daily grind impacting your ability to connect with your partner? 

This groundbreaking approach to partnering, which is based in the research-based principles of positive discipline, is for people who are struggling as well as those who would like to take their “good” relationship to the next level.  In this class, you will have the opportunity to explore how to take responsibility without guilt, understand how the beliefs you formed in early childhood may be enhancing or challenging your current relationship, how to effectively communicate and problem-solve with one another, and how your Lifestyle Priority may be affecting your partnership. 

This fun, interactive class is for:

  • Parents and non-parents
  • Dating partners, those in long-term committed relationships, newlyweds, and those celebrating decades of wedded bliss
  • Heterosexual couples and same-sex couples
  • Everyone!

Classes take place virtually and in person. 

Investment: $175-$300

Fees for this six-week course are $175 for one partner; $300 for two.  Fees include the Keeping the Joy in Relationships Playbook and the accompanying Tool Cards. Couples will receive one copy of the materials.

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