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Episode 61: Your Child’s Voice Matters: Teach the Skill of Speaking Up with Melissa Griffin

Today, we are sharing a past interview with Melissa Griffin.

Melissa was part of our Safe Parenting Summit in 2023 and as we gear up for the second annual Safe Parenting Summit I thought it would be great for you to get a sneak peek of what you can expect when you attend  this year’s Safe Parenting Summit.

Drawing from her years in Human Resources, Melissa “HR Mom” Griffin is passionate about the importance of raising “Real World-Ready Kids” who can successfully launch into adulthood. She uses humor and real-life examples to help parents and educators build a child's critical life skills and independence from a young age. She believes parents are most effective when they “Stop Parenting and Start Leading.”

During our conversation we explore practical strategies for guiding our kids towards independence, like role-playing and creating supportive environments for mistakes. Plus, we'll share personal stories and examples to inspire you along the way.

By the end, you'll have actionable steps to kickstart your child's journey towards independence. And don't forget to mark your calendars for May 6-10th for the Safe Parenting Summit, where experts will share invaluable insights on raising resilient children. You can register for the Summit here 

Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations and practical guidance on empowering your children for success. See you there, Heartful Parents!



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