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Ep 73: Positive Parenting with Reem Raouda

If you’ve been listening to The Heartful Parent Podcast you’ve heard me talk about positive discipline and the importance of parenting in a different way than we were likely parented. 

Today we’re digging into that with my guest Reem Raouda,  Reem is a certified conscious parenting coach certified through Dr. Shafali Sabari's program, and she is the parent of a strong willed child and the founder of the Connected Discipline Method, which is a coaching program for parents of strong willed children. 

And what she and I really dig into in this conversation is discipline and what does discipline look like when we are not coming at parenting from an authoritarian sort of traditional approach, but what, how we do it or what discipline looks like, how we think about discipline when we are being more conscious, intentional, gentle, positive parents.



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Stay tuned for more Heartful conversations on parenting, love, and inclusivity. Thank you for listening!

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