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Episode 11: From Worker to Parent to Working Parent–How We’ve Screwed Up Parental Leave with Dr. Amy Beacom

On this episode of The Heartful Parent Podcast, I welcome a true change-maker, Dr. Amy Beacom, who is Founder and CEO of the Center for Parental Leave Leadership and co-author of The Parental Leave Playbook.

Amy consults with Fortune 100 companies, international organizations, working parents, and more to transform the way our companies and our country engage with the parental leave transition.

The United States is the ONLY industrialized country without  a federal paid leave policy for new parents. Dr. Amy Beacom shares the research of what this is doing to parents on a personal level, as well as what it does to the larger overarching systems of our country’s organizations. Amy’s goal is that everyone in the country has access to support, tools and resources that will help during the transition from worker to parent to working parent. 

Amy and I dig into the RETAIN method that The Center for Parental Leave Leadership and its coaches (including me) use to support families, employees, employers, and companies during the parental leave transition. Amy also shares the future of her field, including a FREE community that is about to launch within the Center for Parental Leave Leadership space.  

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The Heartful Parent Collective can support you as a new parent too! Not only am I a certified Parental Leave Coach with Dr. Amy Beacom, I work to help bring more love, joy, and connection to your parenting, partnering, and professional lives. Sign up to get resources from me delivered right to your inbox!


The Parental Leave Playbook: 10 Touchpoints to Transition Smoothly, Strengthen Your Family, and Continue Building Your Career by Amy Beacom, Ed.D. and Sue Campbell 


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