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Episode 12: Tech Less & Talk More to Promote Digital Wellness with Dawn Wible

Today on The Heartful Parent Podcast, I welcome Dawn Wible, a certified digital wellness educator and founder of Talk More. Tech Less.

Dawn focuses her work on how digital wellness and safety go hand in hand. Her mantra is “if we’re not well we won’t be safe, and if we’re not safe we can’t be well”.

She and I agree that our kids’ safety is dependent on their mental and physical well-being. Technology is a big part of our lives, so we need to learn how to use it to serve us, rather than have it dictate how we spend our time and the level of connection we have within our relationships. 

Dawn and I dig into digital wellness––what it is and how it impacts our parenting. She also explains the 5 pillars of digital wellness and how to understand them better and use them to promote healthier digital well-being.

The 5 pillars are:

  • Physical Wellness –  sleep, eye health, spine health, getting fresh air, and movement 
  • Mental Health – anxiety & disconnection 
  • Time – as it relates to our phone
  • Healthy of our Relationships – in real life & on screens
  • Ethics and Values – how digital platforms are designed and how we are using it

Dawn also shares the importance of modeling what digital wellness should look like as aligned with your family’s values. And she explains the impact that creating  good healthy phone habits in our homes help our families stay healthy AND safer.

Find out more about Talk More. Tech Less on their website where you can get information and resources to support your family’s digital wellness. And connect with Talk More. Tech Less. on Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn.

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