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Episode 13: Tips for the Toughest Conversations with Dr. Mandy Sanchez

I am so happy to welcome Dr. Mandy Sanchez on The Heartful Parent Podcast today. Dr. Sanchez is Program Coordinator for Culture Reframed, an international non-profit organization that is focused on addressing the public health crisis of the digital age: pornography.

Dr. Sanchez’s role with Culture Reframed focuses on expanding, developing, and ensuring high quality, comprehensive, impactful programming for parents and adults who are influential in children’s and teens’ lives.

She is here to share the shocking truth about the connection between social media and the gaming world with pornography and the porn industry. It is a big eye-opener to hear her talk about what is actually happening on social media platforms and how much it is all connected to the porn industry in some way. 

All of this feels really overwhelming and, as parents, we feel so powerless! So how do we protect our kids!? Dr. Sanchez is here to help! She teaches us as parents to educate ourselves so that we have the confidence to have the tough conversations with our kids.

She also points us to the FREE resources provided by Culture Reframed that will tell you HOW to have those guided conversations with your kids.

It is possible to break through the nerves, the uncomfortable and awkward feelings, and become that most trusted adult that our kids need to navigate the world today.  

To find these resources and all the research that is already done for you, visit, and start finding what you need to support yourself and your kids/teens.

Note: I have ways to support you and help you build community within your parenting, partnering, and your professional life.   

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