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Episode 15: A Heartful Approach to Financial Literacy with Jon Alvarado

Today, Jon Alvarado, the founder of Teach Financial Literacy joins me on The Heartful Parent Podcast to talk about financial literacy and how to understand it enough to talk to our kids about it.

And who would have guessed, but his approach to financial literacy goes hand-in-hand with Heartful Parenting!

Jon speaks about how drastically the financial landscape has changed in the last 20-25 years. There are options for our kids (and us) now that didn’t even exist 20 years ago! So he is here to help us reframe not only how we view money and wealth, but also to help us get the conversation started with our kids. Jon encourages us to think about how to leverage money rather than start conversations with the limitations of money. He also explains how to come into the conversations with our kids, teens, and young adult children in a way that fosters love and connection.

Jon is sharing a free resource with you, Increase Your Child’s Lifetime Earning Potential, and you can find that download HERE [free download]. Jon is also offering listeners savings on the Lifetime offer for his full course, Teach Financial Literacy. Click HERE for savings on the savings and use coupon code: SAVE100. 

You can learn more about Jon and all he has to offer at his website:  And Jon would love to hear from you! Visit his website to schedule a meeting or email him at

Note: If you are in a place where you need support within your parenting, partnering, and your professional life, I would love for you to find that through The Heartful Parent Collective! Sign up to get resources from me delivered right to your inbox! You are not meant to do this alone!


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