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Episode 17: Overwhelmed & Underwater: The Mental Load with Laura Danger

This episode is all about the mental load and we have Laura Danger with us today on The Heartful Parent Podcast to talk about it.

Laura is an Educator, Advocate, and Fair Play Facilitator. She creates educational content in an effort to create a more equitable world. She is passionate about domestic equity, the value of domestic labor and how empowerment out in the world starts with empowerment at home.

Laura and I dig into the reasons that contribute to our mental load, that can often burden one parent more than the other, and the reasons why this has become the norm in the world we live in today. We are both Fair Play Facilitators and use the work of Eve Rodsky to support parents in the division of labor and domestic equity within their family structure. 

Laura tells us the basics of Fair Play and how this framework can ease the burden of the mental load on one parent.

She also shares her own experience of why holding her boundaries with herself and her partner were finally “worth it”. Follow Laura on Instagram @thatdarnchat for some real and relatable content about parenting and partnering. And watch for her book No More Mediocre to hit the shelves soon!

If you would like more information about Fair Play, building equity within your relationship, or just need some parenting support ––The Heartful Parent Collective could be a great place to start. Email me:, sign up for my newsletter, or learn more on my website:


Emotional Labor by Rose Hackman

The Power of Showing Up by Daniel Seigel and Tina Payne Bryson

Set Boundaries Find Peace Nedra Glover Tawwab

Set Boundaries Find Peace Workbook

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky


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