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Episode 18: Conversations on Death & Dying for the Sandwich Generation with Maureen Kures

Founder and CEO of Radiant Mourning, Maureen Kures joins me on The Heartful Parenting Podcast today.

Maureen is on a mission to guide families to decide, document, and discuss their final chapter plans long before it is needed in order to bring a sense of peace to those who live on.

As an End-of-Life Planning Facilitator and Doula, Maureen has witnessed the devastation that can occur when families haven’t’ had candid conversations with those who matter most. She knows it can be different with planning.  

Because many of us are now part of the sandwich generation–caring for children and aging parents at the same time–Maureen and I dig into what the conversations should be and how to have them––both with aging parents and with children who may experience death as part of your family. All of this comes from a place of honoring those we love and their wishes. We also want to give our children a healthy outlook on all that surrounds end-of-life and give them the opportunity to ask questions and talk openly about a difficult subject. 

You can get the conversation started with help from Maureen’s free starter guide, Does Speaking of Dying Scare You to Death? which you can download at

And you can learn more about End-of-Life planning and connect with Maureen as an End-of-Life Doula at both and

If you need some parenting support ––The Heartful Parent Collective could be a great place to start. Email me:, sign up for my newsletter, or learn more on my website:


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