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Episode 19: Supporting & Celebrating Our LGBTQ Youth with Amy Lang

It is Pride Month! So Sexuality and Parenting Educator, Amy Lang is joining me on The Heartful Parent Podcast to talk about all we should know to support (and celebrate) our LGBTQ youth.

Amy Lang, MA uses a lively, engaging and down-to-earth style to help parents become comfortable and confident talking with their kids. Amy’s books, online solutions center, and podcast, show parents they really can become their kids' go-to birds and bees source.

Amy has knowledge on a wide range of parenting topics, but today we are focusing on the idea of supporting LGBTQ youth. We dig into why it is an important piece of safety for kids and teens and safe parenting. And we cover what conversations we need to have with our kids, no matter if they identify along the LGBTQ spectrum or not. Amy shares how we support ALL kids, and it starts with believing them, asking questions, and holding their confidence.

This episode can get the conversation started, but if you need more you can find resources, solutions, and ways to work with Amy at Her podcast Just Say This! answers all types of questions, so you can listen for answers or even ask a question of your own.

The Heartful Parent Collective also has so many ways to provide support. The Heartful Parent Academy has all newly-developed content to support you in your parenting journey and the membership (which requires no long-term commitment) comes with course work, community support, and additional support from me. Get more information at


The Gender Unicorn graphic 

You Know, Sex by Corey Silverberg (graphic novel style) 

The Every Body Book by Rachel Simon & Noah Gringi 

Just Say This! – Amy Lang's Podcast 


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