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Episode 2: Positive Discipline with Dr. Jane Nelsen

Today I’m welcoming a very special guest, Dr. Jane Nelsen!

Jane is the co-founder of the Positive Discipline Association, a worldwide training program that has certified thousands of Positive Discipline Facilitators in 88 countries (I am one of them!). 

The original book, written in 1981, was the product of Jane’s deep gratitude for the changes she was able to make as a parent of 7 children after learning the philosophy of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs in a college class in Child Development and Family Relations. Since that time, Jane has authored or co-authored many books, tool cards, and training manuals. 

Today, Jane and I talk about how positive discipline came to be. We talk about the fundamentals of positive discipline and how punishment and praise are not a part of the PD philosophy. And we also talk about some of the tools that the positive discipline philosophy offers to parents and how this approach relates back to “Heartful Parenting”. 

Making connections is the key to bring “heartfulness” into your parenting, your partnering, and your work. After listening to my conversation with Jane, you will walk away with some really specific tips you can use right away to start connecting in a more meaningful way with your kids. 

It was such a treat to have Dr. Jane Nelsen on The Heartful Parent Podcast and I hope you find this conversation as inspiring to listen to as it was for me to be in conversation with Jane.


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