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Episode 23: Teaching Comprehensive Consent with Sarah Casper

Teaching our children about consent can be one of the “awwww…I know!” conversations with our kids, but it doesn’t have to be!

Today, Consent Educator and founder of Comprehensive Consent, Sarah Casper joins me on The Heartful Parent Podcast to share her story of how she got into the work of teaching consent (trust me, it’s a totally unexpected reason!).

And Sarah shares how she uses social-emotional learning theory and practices to equip young people (and their adults) with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate body boundaries and create healthy relationships.

Sarah emphasizes the use of generalizable skills that aren’t about sex, but about navigating your body, and your boundaries, in a way that is safe and respectful. She talks about how these basic skills and conversations will lay the groundwork for teaching consent in a low stakes environment so it becomes natural for our kids and teens when the stakes become higher. Sarah also shares how to use a “game of scenarios” that can help tweens and teens have conversations with us and develop their critical thinking without making them feel that they are getting talked at. 

Connect with Sarah on Instagram @comprehnsiveconsent and find information about workshops and programs at her website

If you would like more information about teaching consent, navigating body boundaries, or just need some parenting support ––The Heartful Parent Collective could be a great place to start. Email me:, sign up for my newsletter, or learn more on my website:


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