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Episode 24: Enneagram: A Guide to Calm & Confident Parenting with Valerie Tih

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Parent & Enneagram Coach, Valerie Tih on The Heartful Parent Podcast!

She is the founder of JoyFULL Coaching and she frames her work around helping parents who feel frustrated by the gap between who they want to be as a parent and the day-to-day reality of parenting. Valerie transforms outdated parenting paradigms into research-based Positive Discipline frameworks based on the latest brain science, the Enneagram, and best practices.

Valerie and I have a lot of overlap with our work with Positive Discipline, but today we are talking about how your Enneagram number can begin to bridge how you show up in hard moments with the parent you want to be. Enneagram does more than tell you about your personality; when used properly, it can shed a lot of light on your strengths AND your “blindspots”. In this episode, Valerie explains all this and gives practical tips (and an acronym!) to help us become more calm and confident in our parenting. 

Get more from Valerie by following her on Instagram @joyfullcoaching, Facebook – JoyFULL Coaching, and LinkedIn – Valerie Tih. And go to her website to access a FREE download and learn more about her courses. Use coupon code HEARTFELT to get 20% off Valerie’s Enneagram Discovery Package, which you can purchase HERE.

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