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Episode 25: Heartful Parenting Practice: STOP Saying “Stranger Danger”!

“Stranger Danger!” –– We all learned it and you may have taught it to your kids in the interest of keeping them safe, but it doesn’t!

The danger of abduction or kidnapping is actually very low. Check out Episode 26: Strangers Aren't the Problem with Dr. Paul Renfro for more. 

In the meantime, I’m sharing with you why the phrase “Stranger Danger” needs to be completely eliminated from our lexicon and what we should be teaching our kids instead to be safe.

This includes 3 important points: 

  • Kids do not view strangers the same way adults do
  • It is actually dangerous for kids to be afraid of all strangers
  • 93% of child sexual abuse occurs at the hands of someone you know; not a stranger

We do need our kids to be savvy and smart to be safe, not afraid! There are tools to help and I’m sharing what to teach instead of Stranger Danger. 

This Heartful Parenting Practice is one of many valuable tools in The Heartful Parent Academy. There are 13 core modules to give you the tools you need on your parenting journey. The membership (which requires no long-term commitment) also comes with all the course work, community support, and additional support from me. Get more information at


Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State by Paul Renfro


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