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Episode 27: Be Heartful & Mindful When Posting Pictures Online with Fareedah Shaheed

We all love to share and it has become second nature to post that cute or funny picture of our kiddos, but it is time to pump the breaks and think twice.

Today on The Heartful Parent Podcast, I welcome Fareedah Shaheed, an award-winning Internet Safety Expert, who is here to talk to us about the aspects of cyber security that parents need to be thinking about. 

Fareedah’s background is in cyber security and threat intelligence, but her best advice comes from her own experiences in the online gaming world and noticing how what she sees people post on social media can threaten their family’s safety (even if you only have a handful of followers).

Fareedah and I dig into identifying the risks of posting certain types of photos or information online, the importance of modeling the type of behavior you want to see, and being intentional about not only what you are taking a picture of, but what else can be seen or gathered from the background of the photos you are posting. 

There are 13 specific photos you should not post, which Fareedah shares in her FREE download. These photos fall into three main groups:

  • any photo that exposes your child in any way (diaper, bathing suit, bathtub, etc.)
  • vacation or location information specific photos
  • photos with specific personal/private information (birth announcement, school report card, etc.)

Get the list of photos and many other free resources at Fareedah’s FREE Resource Library. Connect with her at her website: and find her on Instagram (@cyberfareedah) and YouTube


Get FREE Download of 13 photos you should not post

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