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Episode 29: Clean(er) Toxin-Free Living with Dr. Samantha Radford

Dr. Samantha Radford joins me on The Heartful Parent Podcast today. She is here to help us use a combination of scientific research with wellness and self-care to promote non-toxic living in our homes.

As the owner of Evidence-Based Mommy, she focuses her work on helping families thrive in an attainable way. 

Dr. Radford and I dig into the places (and things) in our lives where our babies and kids might be exposed to toxic chemicals. She also explains why some of the things to watch out for are more dangerous to kids than adults. And she gives some great practical tips on how to make a shift towards cleaner living if you are on a budget and the all-organic-all-the-time idea is not a good fit for your family. 

You can find out more about all of Dr. Radford’s work and her offerings for families, mothers, and breastfeeding moms on her website And make sure you check out her podcast, Evidence-based Mommy. (Sunscreen episode linked below.) And finally, her FREE download From Sunscreen to Cleaning Products packed full of even more information on how to incorporate some non-toxic living components into your life. 

If you need some parenting support ––The Heartful Parent Collective could be a great place to start. Email me:, sign up for my newsletter, or learn more on my website:


Dirty Dozen

Clean 15

Non-toxic sunscreens for babies and kids ––Sunscreen epiosde from Dr. Radford's podcast 

Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood Event ––April 2024

Sunscreen to Cleaning Products download


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