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Episode 31: Getting to the Heart of Time Management, Part 1 with Anna Dearmon Kornick

The start of school, the fall, is a time for getting back into routines, hitting that reset button, and setting some goals. But, at least for me, the to-do list is longer than the day.

So Time Management Coach, Anna Dearmon Kornick is here to help us master our time and stop feeling overwhelmed. 

Anna is a wife and a mom who helps busy professionals and business owners with time management. She also has her own podcast–It's About Time–where she shares time management tips, productivity strategies and real-life advice to help her listeners make the most of their time

This is part one of a two part interview. In part one, Anna gives us the foundation of how to shift our philosophy about how we manage our time and addresses the biggest mistakes we’re probably making when it comes to our time. She also helps us identify and categorize things on our calendar and provides tips on how to wipe the slate clean and start over. 

Come back for Part 2, for the specific strategies that will build on the foundation from today’s episode.


Time Management Essentials by Anna Dearmon Kornick

It’s About Time Podcast

Cube Timer 


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