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Episode 32: Getting to the Heart of Time Management, Part 2 with Anna Dearmon Kornick

Anna Dearmon Kornick, Time Management Coach, is back for Part 2.

(If you missed Part 1, go back and listen to Episode 31: Getting to the Heart of Time Management.)

Anna is a wife and mom who helps busy professionals and business owners master time management so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and start spending time on what matters most. 

Now that we have our boulders, rocks, and pebbles identified, it's time to take action. Anna gives us practical tips and actionable takeaways to actually schedule our days and weeks in a way that prioritizes the work that actually needs to get done and gives us some of our time back for the important things. 

Anna covers time blocking, task batching, theme days, and Pebble Power Hour as a few strategies you can start using right away. And she assures us that if you’ve ever done laundry, you can implement these strategies. 

If you would like more from Anna, check out her podcast “It’s About Time” and get your hands on a copy of her book Time Management Essentials. 


Time Management Essentials by Anna Dearmon Kornick

It’s About Time Podcast

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