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Episode 33: Dealing With Disappointment (& Uncomfortable Shoes)

I’m getting raw and real with you again today. I’m sharing a story that while, yes, it’s a first world problem, it was also an opportunity for self-reflection.

It was brought about by an extremely disappointing weekend.  And disappointment is something our kids feel too, even when we don’t totally agree with them.

Often, it is necessary to make space for feeling all the feelings, for us and our kids. In my case, it was uncomfortable, but quite necessary, to just let it play out–to give myself space to feel my feelings.. It can be equally uncomfortable to watch our kids deal with tough emotions, but it is necessary for them to have the space to feel their feelings and let them play out too. 

So my invitation for you today is to join me in some self-reflection. When unpleasant feelings or emotions come up for us, how do we handle it? And when they come up for our kiddos, how do we handle it and/or help them handle it? 

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Permission to Feel by Dr. Mark Brackett


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