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Episode 37: Finding the Sparkle & Balancing the GRIT with Wendy S. Meadows

Work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges in parenting.

On this episode of The Heartful Parent Podcast, Wendy S. Meadows joins me to dig into what to do when you are overwhelmed, burned out, and you are stuck, feeling frustrated, and so tired day in and day out. 

Wendy brings not only her expertise as a mom and best-selling author into this conversation, she is a certified Life Coach, Family Law Mediator, and Parent Coordinator. Her background in family law paved the way for this new path, where she uses her combined experience to offer highly relatable and spot-on insight into your biggest challenges as a parent.

Wendy shares her personal and professional journey, the idea behind her book Sparkle and GRIT, and how being mindful of the sparkles can put you on the path to wake up and find the balance you need. 

Wendy and I are in total agreement that the journey of parenting is not meant to be navigated alone. Connect with Wendy on Instagram (@wendy_s_meadows or @sparkle_and_grit), LinkedIn, or on her website

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Sparkle & Grit by Wendy S. Meadows

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