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Episode 38: Halloween Myths BUSTED

I love Halloween! We get to dress up and pretend. It's great for building community and connecting with our neighbors.

If you celebrate, it is a lighthearted, low prep holiday. And… I’m all about safety, so let’s talk about safety on Halloween. 

However, I bet my list will surprise you! I’m not going to tell you to inspect your kids' candy or follow them around the neighborhood. I’m going to explain the three main myths around Halloween safety and give a couple practical tips that will help you have fun and stay safe. 

So, let’s bust some Halloween myths and talk about what we need to do to ACTUALLY keep our kids safe on Halloween. 

Keating Family (No Kids) Pumpkin Carving: 

Carved Pumpkins glowingCarved Pumpkins glowing #2


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