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Episode 4: Reconnecting With Our Youth with Sherra Grasser

Today I continue the conversation about the findings of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey from the CDC which identifies that our youth are in crisis.

Sherra Grasser joins me in the conversation today. Sherra is a Youth Empowerment Coach, Founder & Director of MePowerment Programs-Empowering Youth from the Inside Out. Her mission is to make an impact and advocate for the mental health of our youth. 

Sherra and I talk about how our youth are growing up disconnected in a connected world. They are bombarded by outside influences, such as social media, peers, parents, and the lingering effects on their social experiences because of Covid. 

Sherra gives us the top 4 reasons she believes the trends published in the CDC report are the way they are. She has great tips on HOW to talk to your kids about difficult topics and how to keep the conversation going when they “don’t know” what they are feeling or why they are feeling something. And she talks about the difference between feeling seen and being seen. And when kids feel seen, they stay more connected. Sherra and I agree that the good news is that reconnecting is actually simple, and Sherra gives some great practical tips to become more intentional in order to start reconnecting with your kids.

Find Sherra at to connect with her for Youth Empowerment Coaching/Mentoring, which offers a space for human connection, difficult conversations and to nurture one’s authentic self through. You can also find her on Facebook: Sherra Grasser Youth Empowerment, on Instagram: @coachsherra, or on LinkedIn: @coachsherra.

Please share this episode with other parents who might also need some support –– Sherra and I both believe in the importance of finding the help you might need or your kids might need.


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