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Episode 40: Eliminating Mealtime Battles––Part 1 with Christine Muenz

Do you have mealtime battles in your house? Most parents do, because there are a lot of confusing resources out there, and because most of us got some messed up ideas about food from how we were raised. 

So to dig into this, I have my good friend and mentor Christine Muenz on the podcast to share her deep wisdom.  

Christine is a parenting educator, lactation educator, and an infant feeding specialist. She teaches parenting classes at hospitals in the Seattle area and lectures at conferences for professionals who work with families in the stages of pregnancy and postpartum. And she is joining me for a two-part conversation on eliminating mealtime battles. *SIGH OF RELIEF*

In this part of our conversation, Christine and I dig into the way we feed our children as infants and how this changes as kids grow and get older. And the decisions we make and the battles we pick can have unintended effects with our kids and in our families. Christine is not only the  ‘wisdom keeper’ on this topic, she offers a perspective that will truly change how mealtimes play out and help you focus on connection with your family. 

Christine is beginning to have all sorts of new offerings, so keep checking back to her website to see what’s coming!

Come back in two weeks for the second part of this conversation. And if you need support in the meantime, reach out! I would love to hear from you or see you in The Heartful Parent Academy (use code PODCAST to get your first month for only $7).  


Follow Christine on IG – @strengthandsurrender


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