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Episode 41: Gratitude, Health, & Happiness

If you celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving! Whether or not you celebrate, I’m still glad you are all here to dig into the benefits of inviting more gratitude into your life daily, weekly, and beyond. 

In this episode, I’m giving you the numbers of how an active gratitude practice benefits your emotional and social wellbeing and helps you get the D.O.S.E. chemicals that benefit your overall physical health. 

BUT not all gratitude practices are created equal! While even just listing things you are grateful for can benefit your overall health, today I’m sharing some ways to take your gratitude practice a little deeper. And I’m giving you some ideas of things you could do to help deepen the connection you have with your family by inviting more gratitude into your lives. 

This conversation is a great example of the deep dives I do with The Heartful Parent Academy. If you are in a place where that type of support is what you need, I would love to see you in the Academy. Use code TRIAL7 to get your first month for only $7. This will give you the chance to try out all the support I offer and dip into all the newly created content that is licensed by the Positive Discipline Association. I really hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, please drop me a line to tell me how you’re inviting more gratitude into your life, And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode! 


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