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Episode 43: Parenting & Leading with Courage with Teri Schmidt

Teri Schmidt defines leadership as “courageously using your talents as a way for others to courageously use theirs”, and I have to say that is a nice picture of leadership.

Teri is a repeat guest on The Heartful Parent Podcast, and she is back to not only define servant leadership, she is here to teach us how to become strong leaders. 

Imposter syndrome is real, and the world has unfortunately conditioned us to think of leaders a certain way. Teri reframes this for us, and explains how our identities can become tied up into the “Drama Triangle”. In this representation, we can get a little bit stuck in the role of hero/rescuer, villain, and/or victim.  

Teri and I dig into misinterpretations of leadership and how to recognize and function within the role that we gravitate towards. There are so many parallels between taking a leadership role in the workplace and parenting. We want you to be able to tap into your talents to excel at both. 

If you missed Teri’s first time on the podcast, make sure to go check out Episode 8: Growing in Our Leadership at Home and at Work


Episode 8: Growing in Our Leadership at Home and at Work 

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