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Episode 44: Shine Your Light with Ed Gerety

We want our kids to follow their dreams, explore their passions, and show gratitude. But if you’ve ever tried talking to your teens about these topics, or asked questions to guide their thinking, it may not have landed as well as you’d hoped.

So how do we teach these things to our teens and make sure it sticks?

Inspirational Author, and Podcast host, Ed Gerety, has some valuable insight into how to reach our teens with these life lessons. Ed is sharing some of the gems from his book Shine Your Light: Navigate Your Way to a Life You Love

Ed’s book frames a thought provoking conversation, gratitude, kindness, self-confidence, goal setting, and staying curious with our teens. Ed encourages us to lead by example, and shine our light on these values. By doing so, we make space to invite more of each of them into our lives, instead of getting a classic eye roll or “I don’t know” from our teens. 

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I hope you’ll share this episode with fellow parents. We are not meant to parent alone, and by sharing valuable information we can support each other. If you are in a place where some one-on-one coaching or The Heartful Parent Academy membership could be the support you need, please reach out! For the Academy, use the code PODCAST to get your first month for only $7. I would love to see you there!


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