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Episode 45: Getting Your Kids to Listen! with Tehmina Fahad

Do your kids listen?! I’m guessing you’ve had moments where you feel so frustrated that they just aren’t listening!

My guest for this episode is Tehmina Fahad, who is a fellow parent coach and mom, focuses her work on overcoming challenging behaviors to feel more calm and connected to our kids. 

Tehmina and I explore the fact that no matter where we live and are parenting from, we are all trying to accomplish the same thing with our kids. Today she shares insight into why kids don’t really listen and techniques to help make it better for you and your kids. 

Her acronym, (and I love a good acronym) D.E.A.L., will be one that sticks with you because it’s easy and simple, and it will make a big difference. And you can start using it right away, TODAY, with your kids!

Tehmina is doing great work in the parenting space. If you would like to learn more or check out her offerings, you can find her on Instagram @parentingupsanddowns, Facebook, or check out her website

I’m so grateful you’re here, and if you have found this episode or any other helpful, please take just a moment to drop a rating and review. My mission is to make sure no one parents alone, so the more we can get all these great interviews out into the world, the better off we’ll all be. 


Tehmina Fahad on IG @parentingupsanddowns

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