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Episode 46: Emotional Intelligence (for Ourselves & Our Kids) with Dr. Joanne Light

Did you know that emotional intelligence, over IQ, is more predictive of success in careers and relationships?

There are four important elements of emotional intelligence, and my guest today, Dr. Joanne Light, is going to dig into each of them.

Joanne is an Parent Empowerment coach along with being a mother and grandmother. She is also a retired college administrator and counselor with experience in education, counseling, and life coaching. She has a lot of insight and a great perspective on reframing how we’re thinking about and incorporating emotional intelligence with our kids and teens. 

My conversation with Joanne centers around what we mean, exactly, when we say ‘emotional intelligence’, what the four elements of emotional intelligence are, and how to use what we know about emotional intelligence to raise competent, contributing, compassionate children into adults. The theme of wanting something versus being willing to do it also runs throughout our conversation.  

Dr. Joanne Light can be found on her website where you can download her FREE guide, 5 Tips to Overcoming Parent Burnout.


No Problem Parenting: Raising Your Kids with More Confidence and Less Fear

FREE Download: 5 Tips to Overcoming Parent Burnout

It’s Not About the Nail – video

IG – @light_joanne_empathy

Facebook – Joanne H Light Coaching


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