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Episode 49: What the HECK is Sugar Dating?! with Casey O’Roarty & Amy Lang

Sugar Dating?? Have you heard of this? If you have a teen, tween, young adult, or someone who is going to grow into one, you’ll want to hear this!

My good friends and colleagues, Amy Lang and Casey O’Roarty, and I are talking about something just a little disturbing today, and that is the concept of Sugar Dating. 

We dig into what it is exactly, how it is being facilitated through the internet, why adolescent brains are NOT equipped to really understand the reality of this, and finally how and when to talk to your kids about these types of topics. Even if it’s not sugar dating, we can’t wait until our kids hit their late teen years to begin these conversations.  We have to start framing how they think about sex and relationships much earlier. 

We cannot control (unfortunately) what they think and the actions they will ultimately take, but we CAN ask the right questions in order to help start framing how they think about sex and relationships. Casey, Amy, and myself are telling you what questions to ask and when to start asking them so you can pave the way for your teen/tweens’ underdeveloped brains to THINK about things like how sugar dating fits into the picture of a healthy relationship. 

Quick disclaimer: This is an episode that aired on Casey O’Roarty’s Joyful Courage Podcast in December of 2023. It is such an important topic and great conversation, I decided to share it here too. 

To learn more about all the fabulous work that Casey and Amy do, you can catch their podcasts or visit each of their websites (links are listed below). 

And if you are in a place where you could use some parenting support or are part of an organization that could use some parenting education around brain or body safety, please reach out to me or visit my website:


Casey O’Roarty

Joyful Courage Podcast

IG – @joyful_courage

Amy Lang

Birds+Bees+Kids Podcast

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