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Episode 5: Unpacking the Emotions of Parenthood with Wendy Sloneker

Today I have  the pleasure of having Wendy Sloneker from Heart Healing From Loss on the Heartful Parent Podcast.

Wendy is a Grief Coach & Specialist who helps people suffering from loss to connect and reclaim a sense of aliveness. Wendy’s coaching work is informed by the Grief Recovery Method, The Life Coach School, and David Kessler's Grief Educator program and is LGBTQI informed. 

There are many, many life events that can bring about feelings of grief or loss, including many on the journey of parenting. There are life changes, expected and unexpected milestones, big and small transitions, and a constant need to manage emotions, both our’s and our kids’. 

I find Wendy’s work as a Grief Coach extremely relevant to what we go through as parents.

Today she and I talk about the difference between being an emotion and feeling an emotion, the importance of being present, and the “how to” of emotion management and productive self-talk. 

Wendy and I also discuss how parenting is FULL of difficult emotions, and change is a constant companion in parenting. Wendy’s work comes into play because even good changes can require us to navigate feelings of loss. 

Check out Wendy’s Podcast Heart Healing From Loss. And find more about Wendy and her work at her website You can also find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

And reach out to me at to keep the conversation going.


Episode 5 transcript

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