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Episode 50: Getting Un-Stuck from Anger & Shame in Parenting with Emily Hughes

Can you relate to feeling angry, exhausted, overwhelmed? I’m betting every parent has!

And maybe you’ve even lost it on your kids or your partner. Cue the shame spiral. We’ve truly all been there, but we can’t let our shame get the best of us!

On this episode, I have the pleasure of talking about all things overwhelmed, angry, and exhausted with Emily Hughes, a Conscious Parent Coach, Somatic Therapist, and mom of two. She and I both share pretty vulnerable stories about times we’ve had all-out-rage just take over. Again, cue shame spiral. Like I said, we’ve ALL been there!

Here is the good part! Emily and I dig into not only when this happens, but why. She shares all about the role of shame and how it could be contributing to anger and reactivity in your parenting. And she also shares how we can get back into our bodies in these moments to begin to break that cycle. Emily also explains how getting clear on your values might explain some of the anger you are experiencing. 

This is a great conversion for anyone who feels stuck in their angry, exhausted, and overwhelmed state and wants to get unstuck. And I walked away feeling so much more seen and understood, and much less alone in some of those tough emotions.

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