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Episode 52: Improving Your Relationship with Your Space with Patricia Lohan

Did you know that feng shui is the art of creating a harmonious and healthy home? You might be a skeptic, and that is okay. But if you stop and think about it, your relationship with your space (home, office, bedroom, etc) impacts everything.

Maybe it’s hard to relax with a lot of clutter. Maybe you can’t unwind in your bedroom because it’s also your office. Maybe your kitchen table is full of kids’ homework and papers to look over. All of this is impacting the energy of your day to day routines. 

Feng Shui Expert Patricia Lohan is my guest today and she is sharing how to bring harmony into our homes and enhance our relationships by embracing a few new techniques within your spaces. In this episode, Patricia and I dig into how the flow of your home impacts your overall energy and atmosphere. 

Patricia gives us a few practical recommendations for how to begin to feng shui your kids’ room, your main living areas, and your bedroom. And she gives three very doable suggestions for how to truly shift the energy in your home right away. If you are as intrigued as me after you listen, check out Patricia’s $9 mini course that you can access from her website. 

I would love to hear from you about this episode or if you find yourself in need of support along your parenting journey. Email me or visit to find out about more. 


Feng Shui 101 – $9 mini course

Patricia on YouTube – @PatriciaLohan

Patricia on IG – @powerhousefengshui

Patricia on FB – PatriciaLohan.RestoringYouBack.ToHarmony


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