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Episode 53: Don’t Raise a Narcissist with Dr. Mary Ann Little

Do you know any narcissists? If you do, I’m sure just reading or hearing that word triggers a reaction in you.

Did you know there is actually healthy narcissism? Now, before you skip past this episode because of the word narcissism, please hear me when I say you will find the conversation in this episode more fascinating and applicable than you probably expect. I sure did. 

Dr. Mary Ann Little is my guest for this episode, and she is a clinical psychologist with years of experience in private practice and has written books about parenting and children including the book we’re talking about today, Childhood Narcissism: Strategies to Raise Unselfish, Unentitled, Empathetic Children.  Who doesn’t want their children to be generous, well-rounded, and empathetic?! 

Dr. Little and I dig into successfully developing the four structures in parenting that will protect against narcissism in your child. She also describes how to find moderation in your parenting with your child’s concept of self, emotional regulation, ability to accurately perceive, and positive modeling of love and relationships. So many good gems in this conversation. 

If you would like to connect with Dr. Mary Ann Little, you can visit her website,, or find her on Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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Childhood Narcissism by Dr. Mary Ann Little

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Dr. Little on Facebook – Dr. Mary Ann Little, author

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