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Episode 54: The Value in the Un-Paid Work of Parenting with Lori Sugarman-Li

First of all, I’m so grateful to all of you, Listeners, for being on the podcast journey with me for one full year of episodes! I’m proud of the episodes I’ve been able to bring you and have so much more to offer.

Today’s guest is no exception. I am thrilled to have Lori Sugarman-Li, a fellow Certified Fair Play Facilitator and Family Coach, join me for a great conversation today.

We dig into the value of unpaid work. And if you are a parent, you are doing unpaid work.

Even if parenting is not your only job. Not only is Lori a great advocate for starting the conversation around the value of this work, she has great ideas for how to get into Family Flow. This means making the invisible work more visible, getting your kids involved in “chores” in a way that makes sense to them, and shifting the energy around these undesirable tasks. 

This is not easy work, and if you find yourself in need of support, I would love to see you in The Heartful Parent Academy! You can use code PODCAST to get your first month for just $7.

And finally, in the interest of keeping The Heartful Parent Podcast going strong, please share this episode with someone who might also need to feel valued in the unpaid work they are doing. A 5 star rating along with a review is also helpful, and greatly appreciated!


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