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Episode 55: We are NOT Meant to Parent Alone with Providencia Lopez

You’ve heard me say it at the start of every episode: we were never meant to do this alone.

Parenting, that is.

Finding the support she needed was what saved this week’s guest’s relationship with her daughters and got her on a much better path in parenting. Providencia Lopez is a former client that I had the pleasure of working with when she found herself newly sober and in a very tough spot with parenting. She knew she needed help, and she did the right thing by reaching out to find it.

Providencia and I dig into the importance of true self-care, not just getting your nails done, but going deeper into what fills your cup so you’re able to show up for your kids. We also touch on how to build connection with your kids (and your partner if you have one) and how to truly repair when we’ve screwed up with our kids, our partner, or even the employee at Forever 21.

Providencia gets real and vulnerable in this episode, and I appreciate her willingness to share her journey so we can really share the message that we all need support. It is truly my pleasure that I got to be part of her parenting journey. She has come leaps and bounds since I first assigned her to hug her daughter as homework in her first coaching session. 

If you need some support, reach out to me! I would love to hear from you or see you in The Heartful Parent Academy. It might just be the community of support that makes the difference for you in your parenting, partnering, or even your professional life.


Healing Your Providence on IG – @healingyourprovidence

Providencia on IG – @provi3010


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