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Episode 56: Marriage, Parenting, & Personal Growth with Jonas Keating

Welcome to the Podcast, Jonas Keating! I’m so thrilled to have my husband, one of my very favorite people, on The Heartful Parent Podcast for this episode.

He is such a good sport and truly a great podcast guest! He not only answers all my questions, we even have one from our six year old, which turned out to be the hardest question for both of us. 

Jonas shares with us how parenting is different than he expected, his perspective on what makes our family work well, and what it is like being married to someone in the parenting space. He also shares his true north, what guides him as a dad and what he has learned about himself. Tiny spoiler, it’s his Harry Potter house, which also turns out to be his true north!

This is a special episode for me. It’s a little vulnerable to put my family out there this way, but it all comes from my true belief that we are not meant to do this alone. By sharing my parenting partner with you, I hope you get a glimpse into my support system. I’m here to support you, whether you have a parenting partner or not. You (& your partner) do not have to navigate your parenting journey alone. 

Reach out to me! And if you are ready to give The Heartful Parent Academy a try, use code PODCAST to get your first month for just $7. I would love to see you there. 


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