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Episode 59: Uncovering Your Joy with Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo

We hear the term self-care a lot, even I talk about it in the work I do with parent coaching. How can self-care really help us be better parents?

My conversation today with Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo gives us a glimpse into a world of how to prioritize joy and self-care, framed around her experience of growing up with two siblings with special needs.

Siris is a Family-Child coach, and she does work around the role of communication in building strong family relationships and managing the day-to-day within our family unit. She challenges us to use all of our senses when finding things that bring us joy (which is a form of self-care!), and teaching our kids to do the same. Siris and I also dig into not just communication styles, but how kids communicate with their energy and nonverbal cues. 

You can connect with Siris at her website, on her YouTube channel @sirisraquelrivasverdejo, or by emailing her: And you can also snag a complimentary copy of her eBook Being a Different Possibility for Children: Tools to Help Children Be Successful By Accessing Their Magic and Unique Gifts HERE.


Follow Siris on YouTube – @sirisraqelrivasverdejo

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