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Episode 6: Heartful Parenting Practice: Family Meetings

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite tools of Positive Discipline, and the first Heartful Parenting Practice episode ––the Family Meeting!

If that strikes fear or anxiety in you, you are not alone. The family meeting you might be thinking of may have been full of lectures and yelling. BUT the Family Meeting I describe is NOT that; it is a fun way to connect with your family. It focuses on building community, building connection, and practicing cooperation. 

There are many ways to set up this type of family meeting for your own family, SO I cover the four essential components of a Family Meeting rooted in Positive Discipline and how to do each of these parts. They are:

  1. Compliments & Appreciations
  2. Scheduling
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Something fun & plan for family fun during the week

And then I give you many variations to add in as needed or wanted for your own family. My hope is that after today, you can walk away ready to put your first (or next) family meeting on the calendar and start connecting, or reconnecting with your family.


Episode 6 transcript

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