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Episode 62: Fostering Connections & Breaking Stereotypes with Bunmi Emenanjo



When was the last time you read to your kids? 

You’re going to want to drop everything and listen to today’s episode all about fostering connections and breaking stereotypes through storytelling. 

I’m sitting down with the wonderful Bunmi Emenanjo and attorney, an entrepreneur, an author and my friend. And you may remember her from last year’s Safe Parenting Summit. 

Bunmi is going to share her journey growing up in Nigeria, where storytelling isn't just a pastime—it's a way of life. 

We chat about the incredible power of cultural storytelling and why it's so important for our kids to hear stories from all around the world. And trust me, she has some amazing insights to share!

But it's not all serious stuff. We'll also dive into the heartwarming tale behind Bunmi's own book, “I'll See You in a Ijebu.”  Get ready for a story that'll warm your heart and remind you of the joy of family connections.

Hopefully this episode will leave you inspired and enthusiastic about reading to your kids, no matter how much time has passed (Even my teenager still likes me to read to her sometimes). I am grateful for your support each and every week and if you need support don’t hesitate to reach out.



P.S. Did you know we're on YouTube? Check out the latest episode here.



You can grab Bunmi’s book “I’ll See You in Ijebu” here.

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