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Episode 64: Using Music in Parenting with Samantha Foote

As we wrap up April, I wanted to share a fun topic: Using Music in Parenting. Today’s guest, Samantha Foote is a board-certified music therapist that explores the transformative role of music in parenting. 

During our conversation we talk about:

  • Crafting emotion-based songs using GarageBand
  • Creating playlists for different emotion states
  • Using Drum talks to facilitate non-verbal communication

Samantha also focuses on how the power of music can ease transition between activities and connecting with neurodivergent children. 

Throughout the conversation, Samantha discusses the importance of prioritizing connection over correction in parenting. Her personal stories underscore the profound impact music can have on fostering emotional awareness and family harmony.

For more insights and resources, visit Samantha's website, Boise Music Therapy Company, and tune in to her podcast, “Every Brain is Different.” 



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