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Episode 65: Parenting in the Digital Age: Navigating Screens and Connections with Joey Odom


Have you ever been so distracted by your phone that you’ve missed important moments in your child’s life?

Today’s guest knows just what that feels like. Joey Odom joins me to talk about phone distraction and how it impacts our children’s lives. 

Joey missed his son’s first soccer goal because he was looking at his phone, he had a realization: his phone was getting in the way of his best intentions as a Dad and husband. Since then, he has been on a journey to change his relationship with his phone so that he can change his most important relationships in life. He and friend, fellow Dad, and co-founder, Heath Wilson (co-founder of eVestment, a NASDAQ company), started Aro to help create a new generation of intentional families. Since launching in October 2022, Aro has been adopted by thousands of families across the country, helping parents model healthy habits for their kids, be more present with their families, and set their kids up for success with technology.

During our conversation we talked about:

  • Setting boundaries and prioritizing face-to-face interactions.
  • Tips for modeling positive behavior for children.
  • Balancing screens and connections in modern parenting.
  • Strategies for intentional parenting amidst digital distractions

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and join us as we explore the intersection of technology and family life on this journey toward intentional parenting in the digital age.

And to learn more about Aro visit





Episode 65 Transcript

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