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Episode 66: Parenting with Purpose: Insights from Trunnis Goggins

Today, we're joined by Trunnis Goggins, a parent, educator, and all-around awesome human being.

After the devastation of losing his oldest daughter, Trunnis slipped into a world of confusion and darkness. However, with soul-searching, he was able to rediscover his purpose and strive to help others deal with challenging and tragic situations arising from parenting and quite frankly everyday life. Trunnis now lives in Asheville North Carolina and is privileged to be with his oldest grandson who lost his mother the same time Trunnis lost his daughter.

Trunnis is pulling back the curtain on his journey through parenthood, sharing stories of raising a big family, navigating loss, and finding strength through it all. He's all about communication, teamwork, and embracing each child's unique path in life.

As Trunnis dives into his “Four P's” – purpose, planning, passion, and persistence – he dishes out some real talk about parenting. From coaching hockey to guiding his own kids and grandkids, he's learned that it's all about rolling with the punches and never giving up.

Throughout our chat, Trunnis emphasizes the importance of creating open spaces for emotions and fostering togetherness within the family. And hey, if you're hungry for more of Trunnis's wisdom, head over to his website for even more insights and inspiration.




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