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Episode 68: Navigating Divorce Peacefully with Kim Korven

Today, I want to chat about something that might not be the picture-perfect family life we often imagine: divorce. We all envision a loving, committed partnership raising happy kids, but for many, that’s not the reality.

If you’re in a relationship that’s run its course or has turned negative, you might be wondering if staying for the kids is the right choice or how to move forward. I recently spoke with Kim Korven, who’s been through it all – a retired lawyer and judge, mom, divorcee, and judo coach. Kim’s approach to divorce is different. She doesn’t treat it as just a legal issue. Instead, she helps parents see themselves as the CEOs of their families, using divorce as a tool to improve relationships and help everyone thrive, even in tough situations like dealing with coercive control, narcissism, or mental health challenges.

We talked about:

  • Kim’s own divorce journey and how she kept her kids' well-being front and center.
  • The real impact of divorce on kids and how to create a healthy environment for them, even if it means ending a bad relationship.
  • Tips for communicating with a partner who might not be on the same page.
  • Making choices that honor everyone’s well-being. Divorce isn’t ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Divorce isn’t ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary. Our conversation with Kim is packed with insights on how to navigate this tough time with your kids’ best interests at heart and maintain healthy communication. Even if divorce isn’t on your horizon, there’s a lot here about relationships and communication that can benefit anyone.

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