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Episode 7: Conscious Parenting from the Heart with Caitlin Escobar

Today, I have the pleasure of having Cailtin Escobar, a certified Conscious Parent Coach, Positive Discipline Educator, and founder of Raising Parents Coaching on The Heartful Parent Podcast.

Caitilin is dedicated to partnering with parents to find more joy and purpose in their parenting role through teaching researched-based parenting workshops and coaching in ways that empower and support parents with today’s complex world.

In this episode, Caitlin explains that when it comes to how we are as parents, Conscious Parenting is the WHY and Positive Discipline is the HOW. Caitlin and I get the chance to dig into how the approaches of Conscious Parenting and Positive Discipline go hand-in-hand. Caitlin touches on how these approaches can strengthen the relationships and truly make and repair connections with our kids.

Conscious parenting is going to help us understand our reactions and our triggers. And the best part is that Caitlin describes how to really apply these approaches in the moment, through the ups and downs of a day, and how to connect with ourselves in that moment too.

Caitlin shares a multi-step strategy to work through your internal triggers ––since Conscious Parenting is highly focused on healing our parental reactivity, which then allows us to access our Positive Discipline tools more easily.. 

She gives details on each of these five steps: 

Step 1: Think of a new (realistic) response

Step 2: Visualize the triggering event

Step 3: Notice your trigger response & let it take over (within your visualization)

Step 4: Acknowledge, validate, and appreciate the response

Step 5: Practice your new response

Find Caitlin on Instagram: @rasingparentscoaching and sign up for Caitlin’s monthly newsletter and download her free reparenting worksheet on her website:

To learn more about The Heartful Parent Academy and all that the support I can offer through The Heartful Parent Collective, visit my website:


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