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Episode 8: Growing in Our Leadership at Home & at Work with Teri Schmidt

On this episode of The Heartful Parent Podcast I have the pleasure of chatting with Teri Schmidt, the founder and director of Stronger to Serve Coaching & Teambuilding.  

Teri loves supporting female leaders to gain the clarity and confidence they need to unleash potential, drive team performance, and make their workplaces and communities more compassionate and just.  Using her 25+ years of coaching, leadership, and performance improvement experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Teri excels at turning overwhelm into impact.

She hosts the Strong Leaders Serve podcast (formerly the Moms that Lead podcast) which aims to support working moms who excel in many of the people skills necessary for success in today’s economy. Through her podcast and associated leadership coaching, she helps women gain clarity, confidence, and connection so that they can share their unique talents in the workplace, community, and at home.

Teri and I chat about her 3-part framework––Ground, Grow, Give—as it ties into my mission of supporting parents through their partnerships and professional lives to build love and connection within all relationships.

Not only does Teri introduce us to her framework, she describes how to learn and reflect within each stage of the spiral to find fulfillment at work and at home. We dig into how each of the components can apply to parenting, partnering, and our professional lives. 

If you are ready to begin the work of finding your leadership voice, Teri invites you to explore more about the Ground phase of her framework through her workbook that will help you  identify your strengths, values, and passion. Get your free download HERE

To learn more about Teri, you can find her on LinkedIn or visit her website:

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