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Episode 9: Supporting Emotional Regulation with Art with Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Today I am welcoming Jocelyn Fitzgerald, a board-certified art therapist and EMDR consultant.

Jocelyn focuses her work on inviting others to engage in a more authentic, awakened, connected, and creative life. She believes in a supportive and therapeutic approach that provides nurturing feedback to help clients address personal life challenges effectively. 

In this episode, Jocelyn and I dig into what mindfulness is (it can be simpler than you might think) and how to incorporate both mindfulness and art into your daily routines. Jocelyn shares some really practical tips on how kids, teens, and parents can easily start practicing some mindfulness and art therapy.

Jocelyn also shares her expertise on EMDR therapy and how it can help kids and teens with issues that parents often don’t even realize have caused trauma with their kids. EMDR and art therapy actually go hand-in-hand, and Jocelyn shares some of her approaches within her practice and the successes she has seen with her child and teen clients.

Jocelyn has some really fantastic resources, including her book Colorful Place: Mindful Story and Art for Kids and the  Emotional Regulation for Kids posters she talks about during this episode. And if you visit her website:, you can find her full line of Colorful Therapy Tools. 

Jocelyn was one of my Masterclass Experts within The Heartful Parent Academy, where members got to ask questions and received a free resource from her at the end of the session. If you could use this type of support, make sure to check out all the benefits of joining The Heartful Parent Academy on my website:


Emotional Regulation for Kids Posters

Colorful Place: Mindful Story and Art for Kids


Episode 9 transcript

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