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Stranger Snatching: Rare or Regular?

May 5, 2022

Is the world really as scary as we think it is?  In some ways, probably yes.  I mean, all one has to do is to look at what’s happening in Ukraine and think about Putin with his finger on the nuclear button, all on top of a virus that seems hell-bent on killing a certain…


Are You Trapping Your Child in a Lie?

March 31, 2022

Scene: You are picking up your child from a playdate or sleepover. You go to the front door, ring the doorbell, and the other child’s parent comes to the door.  You greet them, wait as your child arrives, and then you enthusiastically say to your child “Hey kiddo!  How are you?  Did you have fun?” …


Would You Take Your Child to a Strip Club?

November 16, 2021

We’re a year+ into a worldwide pandemic, and both us and our children have been forced online in expanding ways—for work, for school, for meetings, for family visits, for socializing, and more… How have you thought about the internet during that time? If you’re anything like my family, you’ve seen it largely as a blessing—a…


Updating Your Safety Tools: Making “Stranger Danger” a Phrase of the Past

November 16, 2021

Every time I give a safety presentation or speak to a group of parents, I ask how many of them were taught the term “stranger danger” as kids and, with very few exceptions, they all raise their hands. I then ask how many of them have used that same vocabulary with their own children and…


The Question You’re Probably Not Asking, But Should Be: Keeping Our Kids Safe From Guns

November 16, 2021

My daughter has made a new friend at school this year and was just invited to her home for a movie night. She is thrilled and excited, but there are a number of questions I need to be answered before I can tell my daughter “yes.” You may have questions like this as well: who’s…


Summer Camp Safety: What To Ask Before Dropping Off Your Child

November 15, 2021

Ready or not, summer in the Pacific Northwest is *almost* upon us! For many parents, summer creates new challenges in terms of childcare and the juggling act of where our kids will be and who will be caring for them on any given day. Day camps have become a summer-time staple for many families, and…


I’m peddling WHAT to kids? Let’s get real…

November 15, 2021

When Washington State’s comprehensive sex education bill (SB 5395) was passed by the state legislature, I wrote about how important this legislation was in raising a generation of informed, empowered, consent-driven, and healthy young people. Not everyone agreed. I had one subscriber reach out to me (before unsubscribing) to accuse me of peddling pornography to…


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Christy Keating is a certified parent coach,  positive discipline educator, and motivational speaker. She is the founder and CEO of The Heartful Parent Collective, which includes Heartful Parent Coaching, Savvy Parents Safe Kids, and Heartful Parent Academy.

The mother of two amazing daughters, Christy strives to build a happier, healthier world - one child, one parent, and one family at a time.