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A few products and services I believe in

We all need a little help when it comes to parenting.

Every now and then, I come across a product I believe in so strongly that I not only use it in my own family, I feel compelled to bring it to you. Below are three such products. I use them, love them, and think you will, too.

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Bark is phenomenal monitoring software that parents can use to connect to 30+ platforms to monitor text messages, emails, and social activity for signs of harmful interactions and content.

The program alerts parents when there is a problem, and Bark’s experts provide recommendations for talking to kids digital dangers and other sensitive online issues.  Bark also allows parents to manage when kids can visit the internet on their devices, and which sites they can access.

To get a one-week trial and 20% off for life, use code BNDN7PF. 

Jon Alvarado, the founder of Teach Financial Literacy spent 12 years teaching math at a school with 70-80% of students receiving free and reduced lunch.  During that time, he taught more than 2000 students both math and the fundamentals of financial literacy.

His phenomenal program designed for middle and high school students contains over 40 lessons designed to help students from ALL backgrounds become college and career-ready.  A subject that parents frequently fail to teach because they don’t know how to, Jon takes the mystery out of financial literacy, by teaching teens everything they need to know about budgeting, debt, credit, taxes, investing, and so much more!

Check out this fantastic program and get it for your teen. Don’t forget to use code SAVE100 to get $100 off lifetime access!

Gabb allows parents to provide kids with a phone they can feel good about.  Many parents feel pressured into a smartphone purchase for safety reasons or because their kids want to be able to talk to their friends.

Unfortunately, when we hand a child a smart phone, we are handing them the world—and a potentially dangerous one at that.  Without proper monitoring and filtering, kids are being exposed at an alarming rate to harmful content and unhealthy interactions.  Gabb is a “first step” phone that allows kids to talk, text, and be in contact with parents, but cannot access the internet.  It’s a fantastic way for kids and parents to feel connected and safe, without the risks that come with a smart phone.

Get more information and receive an automatic discount on your child’s Gabb phone!